Missing My Ubutu Panel

Oops..!! suddenly i lost my panel which contains 'Application', 'Places', 'System' and etc. Do not worry though you lost it since it is easier to recover and nothing will miss after you recover it. It will be as it was.

I will illustrate the way you can get it back.

Simply, just press ALT+F2 -----> This will prompt you a typing window

Then Type 'gnome-terminal' without quotes and press enter

This will prompt consol.

Once the terminal window opens, enter the following commands one by one

Press enter after typing the commands begin just after '$'. For all of below commands, do the same as pointed out.
  1. malitha@malitha-laptop:~$ gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/pane
  2. malitha@malitha-laptop:~$ rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel
  3. malitha@malitha-laptop:~$ pkill gnome-panel
Now you will get what ever you lost :). Cheers.


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